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Designer Series Suncreen
by Luxaflex
BEAUTIFULLY SIMPLE:    The simplicity of rollershades, also known as roller blinds, makes them compatible with most architectural styles.

TWIN BRACKET OPTION:    For appropriate shading around the clock, windows can be fitted with two rollers. For example, one blockout, one sunscreen.

BLEND IN OR STAND OUT:    Rollershades can merge with your décor or become a stand-out feature of the room, depending on the fabric you choose.

EASY AUTOMATION:    Use a remote control or iPad/tablet/phone app to move blinds up and down. Automation can be hard-wired or wireless.

COMPOSITION:    22% Polyester, 78% PVC


FABRIC FEATURES:    Fire Retardant, Courfastness 6-7. Antimicrobial.

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